Having breakfast in front of the sea at the villa kaioa

First day at the villa Kaioa : taking my time.

Without going so far as to say that I slept perfectly well, I had a much better night than in recent weeks. And I fell asleep in the early hours, which meant that I got up at 9 o’clock!

Having breakfast with the sea before me was a wonderful moment of relaxation. And above all, taking my time, at my own pace, without any meetings, without any e-mails. I found it hard to believe, and that made me feel a bit guilty. I hadn’t brought my computer, and I didn’t want to consult my e-mails. I agreed with the office that if something came up that couldn’t wait until next week, they would send me an SMS. Meanwhile, my telephone was just for letting me know times of the tides!

I took the time for a real breakfast: 2 cups of coffee, fresh bread that Caroline went to get, with black Itxassou cherry and fruit jams.

Caroline has joined me and we have perfected our programme. Every day, we want to walk on the beach, whatever the weather. And Caroline wants to meditate; I’m going to meditate too.

I'm going back to lie down with a book

We have decided to stay at the Villa Kaioa this morning. For my part, I am making the most of it by going back to lie down with a book. The sunlight has invaded the room, I’m taking my time, I’m feeling good, right now, I realise and appreciate it.



Why is it good to know how to slow down?

Immediacy is a major imbalance of our modern lifestyle, which worsens from year-to-year with modern technology.

We have non-stop access to information, we are called upon at all times by emails, SMS and telephone, for this reason, our bodies are subjected to permanent tension. Our alert system never rests. This immediacy of means of communication leads to the demand for immediacy in our responses. We secrete stress hormones more and more often. In the end, we feel completely overwhelmed.

Overloaded by our professional and social lives, we forget to dream, to yawn and to relax; worse, we stop ourselves from doing these things. Raised with “there is always something to do”, “only no-accounts daydream” and even “go faster, stop hanging about”, some people are panicked by the idea that their activity is decreasing. We don’t pay attention to the initial signs that may show we are out of sync: feelings of tiredness, great difficulty in concentration, fear, trembling, sweaty palms etc. It’s so commonplace! Weakened by a backlog of lack of sleep or by poor quality sleep, we start suffering from anxiety and pain. It is time to stop.

Caught up in this spiral, it is difficult to slow down and give importance on one’s own rhythm again. By leaving the office for a few days, Sophie took the right decision. She wanted to give priority to activities that neutralise stress hormones: sports, laughter, gazing at the horizon, being lulled by the sound of the sea, getting in tune with one’s own rhythm, listening to one’s tiredness…


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