The kitchen of the restaurant Elements est ouverte sur la salle

2019 on the Basque coast, about gastronomy

17 January 2019

The Basque Country has always been a place renowned for its good food and friendliness. In recent years, very (but really!) good tables have appeared in Bidart, qui ont su associer produits du terroir à une cuisine plus moderne … Lire la suite ›

Scène de musique avec beaucoup de monde

2019 on the Basque coast, about Music and Dance

14 January 2019

“Musique en Côte Basque” festival Launched in 1960 in Saint-Jean-de-Luz for the celebration of the tercentenary of the marriage of Louis XIV with the Infanta of Spain, the festival « Musique en Côte Basque » (Music in the Basque Coast) Lire la suite ›

Chantaco Golf Club in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

2019 in the Basque country, about golf

12 January 2019

Golf in the basque country, a paradise like no other places ! The Simone Thion de la Chaume Trophy now held in Biarritz, at the Golf du Phare. After taking place many times at the Chantaco golf course in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Lire la suite ›

Just back from surfing

2019 on the Basque coast: about surf

10 January 2019

Will 2019 be the year Kelly Slater returns to the Pro circuit? Let’s hope his wounds allow it! Kelly Slater at Backdoor (Hawaï) january 2018 For now, he will be the Patron of the 35th edition of the Biarritz Quiksilver Lire la suite ›

lanterns in the sky for a happy new year

Our best wishes for the new year !

7 January 2019

Like these lanterns flying in the sky, the villa Kaioa hopes your dearest wishes will find get realized in 2019 !

Having breakfast in front of the sea at the villa kaioa

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa. 5- Taking my time

23 February 2017

First day at the villa Kaioa : taking my time. Without going so far as to say that I slept perfectly well, I had a much better night than in recent weeks. And I fell asleep in the early hours, Lire la suite ›

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa : 4 – Arriving at the villa Kaioa

28 January 2017

We arrived at Villa Kaioa, in Bidart, on Monday afternoon. The villa was easy to find. Adeline, the owner, was waiting for us; she had offered to place an order at the Intermarché supermarket and to go and collect it Lire la suite ›

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa : 3 – where to go?

5 January 2017

Finding a place to go overwhelmed me as well. It took all of Patrick’s patience and the children’s jealous enthusiasm for me to try. I didn’t want to go far away, in France in any case. In fact, I didn’t Lire la suite ›

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa. 2- Patrick says “Stop”

15 December 2016

Indeed, the weekend did me good… But I was falling behind. At the office, we had a new client, I redoubled my efforts, I started arriving home a little later, and bringing one or 2 files with me at the Lire la suite ›

How I got well-being back at the villa Kaioa – “My Dear Sophie, if you carry on like that, you’ll be heading straight for Burnout”

22 November 2016

I almost laughed when my friend Franck, who is nonetheless a doctor, spoke the word. But he looked so serious that I lost any desire to do so.I thought that burnout was for guys, working like men possessed, without any Lire la suite ›

La villa vue par nos clients

Christopher - -

Chère Adeline, Un grand merci pour votre accueil. Nous avons passé un séjour magnifique à la villa Kaioa. De retour dans notre région d’adoption, la Provence, nous garderons un de très beaux souvenirs de la vue, la plage, l’océan… Séjour Lire la suite ›