Pays basque en juin

June on the Basque Coast is a preview of summer.

20 May 2018

June on the basque coast is the best way to enjoy the area ! If you’re interested in outdoor leisure activities, it’s the ideal time for exploring the “Montagne de la Rhune”, the Basque Country’s iconic summits that rises to Lire la suite ›

Having breakfast in front of the sea at the villa kaioa

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa. 5- Taking my time

23 February 2017

First day at the villa Kaioa : taking my time. Without going so far as to say that I slept perfectly well, I had a much better night than in recent weeks. And I fell asleep in the early hours, Lire la suite ›

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa : 4 – Arriving at the villa Kaioa

28 January 2017

We arrived at Villa Kaioa, in Bidart, on Monday afternoon. The villa was easy to find. Adeline, the owner, was waiting for us; she had offered to place an order at the Intermarché supermarket and to go and collect it Lire la suite ›

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa : 3 – where to go?

5 January 2017

Finding a place to go overwhelmed me as well. It took all of Patrick’s patience and the children’s jealous enthusiasm for me to try. I didn’t want to go far away, in France in any case. In fact, I didn’t Lire la suite ›

In 2017, the villa Kaioa thinks she is Santa Claus…

3 January 2017

… and offers a 17% discount for each entire week booked at the Villa Kaioa, before january the 17th, 2017 at 17.00 upon availability, apart from July and August ! See offer  

Well-being back at the villa Kaioa. 2- Patrick says “Stop”

15 December 2016

Indeed, the weekend did me good… But I was falling behind. At the office, we had a new client, I redoubled my efforts, I started arriving home a little later, and bringing one or 2 files with me at the Lire la suite ›

How I got well-being back at the villa Kaioa – “My Dear Sophie, if you carry on like that, you’ll be heading straight for Burnout”

22 November 2016

I almost laughed when my friend Franck, who is nonetheless a doctor, spoke the word. But he looked so serious that I lost any desire to do so.I thought that burnout was for guys, working like men possessed, without any Lire la suite ›

Bidart vue de la plage de la corniche de la falaise

A walk on the Basque Coast: from Biarritz (via the Côte des Basques) to Guéthary

25 June 2016

There are several ways to reach the southern Biarritz beaches starting from the Côte des Basques. The first option is the departmental road which heads towards Spain. The second option is only possible at low tide : follow the coastline, Lire la suite ›

Lanterns into the sky for the children of the moon !

18 December 2015

Just after Christmas, on the 26th of december, 2015, at 10 pm, Biarritz will release lanterns in the sky at the great beach. At the same time to add at the magic of the town lights and floodlighting and to Lire la suite ›

What about spending the 14th of july at the Villa Kaioa ?

27 June 2015

Great news among the booking of the summer : there are still 5 days available at the villa Kaioa, from the 11th to the 16th of july! Why dont you enjoy contemplating of the seaviews, laying on the beach above Lire la suite ›

La villa vue par nos clients

Fiona W - London - July 2014

Incredible sea views and well located in lovely village Five minutes after arriving at Villa Kaioa we were sitting on the veranda watching the waves break on the beach below. The location of this converted ceramics workshop is ideal. A Lire la suite ›